Why Shop Here?

Safe shopping made simple, right here in Florida!

Thank you so much for heading into our store, we truly appreciate it!

In 2017 we opened our first general retail store in the U.S. - Nerd Gift Shop. Not because you're a nerd, we are nerds! We are fanatical and enthusiastic people who love finding unique products and providing you with great service.

We are proud to be an American company based in Orlando, Florida. Our customer service team is American, and we sell and ship our items from our own office/warehouses here in Florida and sometimes from China. We do not use overseas assistants to handle customer service and we are always available on the telephone during business hours.

We are good people and frequently donate to great causes around the world; environmental groups, the homeless, and children in need. We will always do good by you and the community.


We have a wacky sense of humor at Nerd Gift Shop so please enjoy what you see and read. It'a supposed to be fun when shopping......

Every purchase you make in our store supports the GURF (Get Us Richer Faster) initiative.

G.U.R.F. is a very profound cause and we urge you to support it as frequently as possible by sharing your purchases and experiences with your friends and family.

Sharing the products you buy from us on your social media pages helps us to grow our bank balance, and honestly, we need that!  So please like, share, and tag all your amazing finds to help G.U.R.F. every day. Thank you, Nerd Gift Shop thinks you're awesome!

We make every effort possible to get richer, however it is very important to note that we really care about how you make us richer. So we will always do our best to service you very well, so that someday you will come back and make us even richer. Integrity and trust is vital, and so are dollars, so we will do everything we can to keep as many of them as possible. Put simply, once we have your money, kiss goodbye to it for ever, unless we screw up, in which case - we will help you out at least 100% of the time.

If you refer a friend who buys from us, we are going to donate all proceeds to G.U.R.F. with great pleasure. You will get 15% off your next order with us just for donating (please use code GURFISLOSINGMONEY at checkout).

But seriously, we are a good bunch of freaks that love the planet and do our best to deliver astounding items at fair prices. We donate some money to good causes and will always make sure we have better stuff than anybody else. Fair?  Thought so.

Please enjoy a great shopping experience with us, and if we manage to somehow piss you off, please get in touch and we will be sure to send it to the trash can (I mean 'manager'). Email

Enjoy your day - and we promise to enjoy your smiles and your dollars. We thank you.

NOTE: Siberion is our private manufacturing brand.

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